Spring Graduate Wins Award for Crime Reporting

Asia Miller
Asia Miller

Tenisha Ferron’s news package about a traffic stop turned officer-involved shooting won the first place Best Breaking News (College Division) Prize. Ferron received the award at the Florida Broadcasters Awards presented by the Florida Association of Broadcast Journalists. Ferron recorded and edited the breaking news package in a single day.

“There’s a certain level of understanding when communicating as a person of color. Viewers can maybe relate to it a little more,” she said. “Winning an award like this definitely makes you feel good about yourself and the work you do,” she said.

Longtime SJGC TV news Professor Kenneth Jones submitted Ferron’s package to FABJ. “This is the program’s first breaking news award in ten years,” he said. “Part of it is just her passion for journalism and wanting to take everything she’s learning in student media and apply it.”

Ferron transferred to SJGC from Valencia College in 2020 and hasn’t looked back. The graduate said the smaller class load, more hands-on practice, and direct feedback were key in her decision. Also, FAMU’s place among the top institutions in the nation attracted the journalist and producer- “it’s the top HBCU, how could you not?”

While she was a student in SJGC, Ferron was a Fall 2021 anchor for FAMU TV-20 and a staff writer for the FAMUAN. Tenisha also interned with KYTX CBS 19 in the summer of 2021. Now, Ferron is headed to WTSP 10 Tampa Bay, a TEGNA affiliate, as a producer-in-residence to continue covering topics of importance to the community.

“I’m very grateful for TEGNA for seeing how serious I am and to consider me as part of their team,” she said.

Question: How did that feel to win the first place Breaking News Prize at FABJ?

Answer: I think that’s a pretty huge milestone for J-school! It was my first award ever and made me feel good about myself and the work I’ve done. 

Question: How do you approach breaking news?

I try to take my time to deliver with accuracy. Breaking news is not so much about being first as it is being accurate.

Question: What type of reporting is your favorite?

Answer: I like politics. I like letting people my age know about new laws. Seeing [my peers] come in and not know what is going on around them hurts my heart. Some of them have no idea what is going on around them locally.

Question: Any advice for incoming SJGC students?

Answer: Take initiative and be self- aware. You have to have some sort of spark or determination. Take that initiative to get things done. Always put 100 percent into the work.

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