SJGC Professor Jade Huang earns $5,000 research award

SJGC Staff
SJGC Staff

Dr. Hsuan “Jade” Huang, School of Journalism and Graphic Communication public relations professor, authored “Predicting COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy within an HBCU: Comparing the health belief model and theory of planned behavior” and is a recipient of the 2021-2022 FRAP Award. The Faculty and Research Award program is funded by the Florida A&M University School of Graduate Studies, Research & Continuing Education. 

Huang worked with students from her course PUR 4500 Public Relations Research and Strategy on the topic.

“The preliminary finding suggested that trust in vaccines, government, and medical communities is the most significant predictor of vaccination intention, followed by perceived vaccination benefits and perceived severity of COVID-19,” Huang said.

She added, “Further, HBCU students’ trust in vaccines and development process, government and medical communities continues to be an important psychosocial factor in predicting vaccination, consistent with prior public health literature. Looking ahead, it may need time and effective strategies to enhance HBCU students’ trust using a multi-prong approach through offering constant communication about vaccine safety, better and clear explanation of government policy via someone African American communities trust and improve interaction with their health care providers and quality of health care to African Americans.”

Huang will also present the findings at the 72nd Annual International Communication Association Conference in May.

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