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SJGC Graduate Marie Rattigan begins internship with Judge Tiffany Baker-Carper of the Second Judicial Court


School of Journalism and Graphic Communication Graduate, Marie Rattigan continues to soar and now interns with Judge Tiffany Baker-Carper of the Second Judicial Court.

“Find your niche in J School,” said Rattigan. “With Journalism you can do anything you don’t have to box yourself in with just being an anchor.”

While Rattigan is interning with Judge Baker-Carper, she will attend hearing and trials and also utilize skills learned in SJGC by crafting rough drafts on opinions and orders. She is currently working on implementing “Tie Day”, an initiative that will be seen within Judge Baker Carper’s courtroom to help youth dress presentable during court appearances. Judge Baker-Carper currently presides over the Juvenile Delinquency Division.

“Dressing for success will help build their confidence and character but in return they will receive community service hours,” said Rattigan.

Rattigan even shared her story on social media as she detailed an instance she had with the police. As a teenager Rattigan was charged with Resisting Arrest without Violence. She was held in a police car for several hours while police lied to her mother about her whereabouts. At the young age of 13 Rattigan as she stated, “ boldly in front of a judge and told her that I will take my case to trial.” Her case was later dropped and now interns with the youngest woman and youngest African American to be elected judge in the Second Judicial Court.

“I went from standing in front of a judge as a juvenile to sitting beside Judge Baker-Carper,” said Rattigan. “God has a way of letting things happen the way they did to guide me to where I need to be.”

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