SJGC Alum Anjelicia Bruton presented with the 2023 Heartland Emmy Award

SJGC Staff
SJGC Staff
Angelicia Bruton at the 2023 Heartland Regional Emmy Awards Show

Angelicia Bruton, Oklahoma City reporter for KWTV New 9, was awarded the 2023 Heartland Regional Emmy Award for best team coverage for her work on the “Seminole Tornado” severe weather coverage.

Bruton began her career in 2020 with the News 9 team as a multimedia journalist and is now, three years later, an Emmy Award-winning reporter.

“My team and I were very excited to hear our names called for our coverage of the Seminole tornado,” Bruton said. “That day, we all worked long hours and were live throughout the night after the storm hit. It means a lot to celebrate our hard work from that.”

On campus, Bruton involved herself in many student media opportunities, including TV-20’s Anchor and the Online Editor for Journey Magazine. At the magazine, she led her staff to the Best Publication Award presented by the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ).

“During my time at J-school, I held several positions, but being a reporter for TV-20 helped prepare me the most for my current job,” Bruton said. “TV-20 taught me the importance of storytelling, and it helped me get internships which led to great job opportunities so I can tell stories from people around the world.”

Understanding the devastation severe storms cause to many in the community, Bruton is dedicated to the in-depth coverage of the Seminole County tornado coverage that damaged homes and businesses, leaving residents to pick up the pieces.

“My driving factor was informing the people in DMA about the storm,” Bruton said. “It is all about getting the facts out there so people know what to do to keep their families safe. While on the ground reporting, I want to make sure I am showing viewers the devastation and talking to people that were impacted.”

The 36th annual award show sponsored by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS) was held July 15th in Denver and Oklahoma. The Heartland Chapter accepts submissions from the Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Wyoming markets.

NATAS selects five nominees with one winner in each category. Judges evaluate submissions on a scale of one through seven (one being the lowest score and seven being the highest) based on their merit.

Kenneth Jones, a School of Journalism and Graphic Communication professor recruited Bruton out of high school and has watched her grow from a determined student to an accomplished professional.

“She has always been a strong reporter and wanted to improve,” Jones said. “I feel we are doing the right things when our program to help a young person comes in and can come out as a professional journalist and win awards in her second contract. She puts in the work.”

Bruton looks forward to continuing to tell remarkable stories and meeting more people along the way. She is sure this is the first of many Emmys and wants students to continue to work to accomplish their dreams.

“Hard work pays off,” Bruton said. “You may be tired or stressed out, but your stories make a difference. Your stories can save lives and create change.”

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