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Senior Journalism student Dejania Oliver announces internship with CNN Health


Dejania Oliver, a broadcast journalism student from Boston, Mass., begins a new internship with CNN as a Health Intern for the Spring semester. 

In her role, Oliver will attend virtual conferences, write scripts, and develop digital articles. The School of Journalism and Graphic Communication student honed her skills as editor-in-chief of Journey Magazine, Florida A&M University’s official student-led magazine, and The FAMUAN Newspaper, the university’s official school-wide newspaper.

“There are so many opportunities for students to learn skills that you can use in real-world jobs or internships. The publications in J-school have assisted me in learning how digital media works,” Oliver said. 

Oliver’s tenacity is worth noting. She revealed that she applied to nearly 20 CNN internships before being awarded this opportunity. She kept in contact with her would-be manager from CNN over the years and developed a relationship with them. Oliver has advice for any of her peers who are scared to pursue their dreams.

“Start small- do something like connecting with people you admire on LinkedIn. Once you make connections, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with in-person networking,” Oliver said.

Doug Blackburn, her adviser at The Famuan, wasn’t surprised when he learned that Dejania had secured an internship with CNN Health.

“Dejania is tenacious, relentless, and talented, important qualities for a journalist. She’s also a terrific mentor to other students in SJGC and beyond. Her future is incredibly promising,” Blackburn said.

Oliver realized her passion for health journalism when she completed a WebMD internship in summer 2021. She hopes to address health disparities in the Black community. 

“As a black woman, it is important to allow Black Americans to feel seen and heard in healthcare. I feel as if it is a subject that is often misunderstood, especially during the pandemic. I want to help people understand health disparities and how they affect us,” Oliver said.

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