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FAMU SJGC Sending 12 Students to the 2023 NABJ Convention and Career Fair

SJGC Staff
SJGC Staff
FAMU SJGC students at the 2022 NABJ Convention

The convention will be held in Birmingham, Ala., Aug. 2-6. Convention programming co-chair is FAMU SJGC alum.

TALLAHASSEE, FL – The Florida A&M University (FAMU) School of Journalism and Graphic Communication (SJGC) is sending 12 of its students to the 2023 National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Convention and Career Fair in Birmingham, Alabama. The convention will be held from August 2 to August 6 and is the largest gathering of Black journalists, media executives, educators, and marketing professionals in the country. This year’s theme is “#NABJ23: From Revolution to Evolution.” It is the premier multi-day convention for career development, networking, innovation, and journalism education.

NABJ FAMU Student Chapter President Jasmine Butler at the 2022 NABJ Career Fair in Las Vegas, NV

The FAMU SJGC has a long-standing tradition of excellence in journalism education, and this year, it is proud to support its students in attending the NABJ convention. The convention offers a unique opportunity for students to network with professionals, attend informative workshops, and gain valuable insights into the industry. This experience will enhance their education and prepare them for successful careers in all areas of media.

FAMU alumna Tia Mitchell (SJGC ’01) has served as the Programming Co-Chair for the convention for two years and is excited to see such robust participation from students of her alma mater. “The NABJ Convention isn’t just a networking opportunity; it’s a place for Black journalists to be re-energized and rejuvenated,” Mitchell says. “And so it’s very important that students also have access to the training, fellowship and camaraderie that the convention offers. I’m so happy that FAMU is sending a large group this year. It shows that the university and the School of Journalism are committed to raising up healthy, smart and well-rounded young journalists. I can’t wait to see my fellow Rattlers in Birmingham.”

Twelve students were selected to attend the convention as representatives of the FAMU SJGC. These students were chosen based on their academic achievements, leadership potential, and commitment to diversity in media.

During the NABJ convention, the FAMU SJGC students will have the opportunity to participate in          more than 200 workshops, panel discussions and networking events, and attend the career fair with more than 90 companies and organizations. SJGC Dean Mira Lowe will also participate in the convention. Lowe will present as part of a panel titled “Tuning into Radio Trends & Preservation Issues at HBCU Stations.” The panel will discuss the HBCU Radio Preservation Project, which is surveying and preserving archival materials at radio stations on HBCU campuses.

Students will learn from some of the most respected professionals in the field and connect with potential mentors who can guide them in their careers. The convention provides them a forum to showcase their talents and abilities to prospective employers.

“We are thrilled to be sending a delegation of our top students to the NABJ convention,” says Lowe. “This is an invaluable opportunity for them to learn from industry experts, build connections, and gain insights that will help them succeed in their future careers. We are confident that they will represent FAMU and SJGC with pride and professionalism and look forward to the experiences they will gain from this convention.”

The FAMU SJGC is grateful for the support from its faculty, staff, alumni, and partners in making this opportunity possible for its students. Their commitment to providing a world-class education and empowering students to excel is evident in their ongoing efforts to provide meaningful growth opportunities like the NABJ convention. The school is dedicated to preparing the next generation of journalists and media professionals as effective communicators who will play a crucial role in championing accurate and inclusive reporting and storytelling.

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The FAMU SJGC students attending the NABJ convention will be posting regular updates on social media using the official hashtag #NABJ23 and #FAMUATNABJ23. Follow @FAMUSJGC82 on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to stay up to date with their experiences and insights throughout the convention.


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