Disney Storytellers Fund at FAMU

The purpose of the Disney Storytellers Fund at FAMU is to prepare high-potential students at the School of Journalism & Graphic Communication (SJGC) at Florida A&M University (FAMU) to be leading communicators and innovators in journalism and media through academic engagement, professional development, and mentorship. Students selected as Scholars will receive tuition and housing scholarships, a stipend, specialized programming, mentoring, leadership development and more. 

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for the program, Scholars should be juniors, seniors or transfer students enrolled as a major in SJGC; have a solid academic record; demonstrated interest in journalism, media, public relations, or graphic design; and have a financial need. In-state applicants preferred. A selection committee comprised of FAMU, SJGC and Disney members will review applications for the program. FAMU SJGC will make the final selection of Scholars. 

Selected students will receive a scholarship up to $10,000 per year during their enrollment (Fall/Spring, total up to $20,000 over 2 years), plus a stipend up to $1,375 not to exceed 2 years.

Applicants must: 

  • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher 
  • Submit a transcript 
  • Submit a resume 
  • Submit two letters of recommendation 
  • Submit a personal essay/statement of goals 
  • Have a FAFSA on file in the FAMU Office of Financial Aid 

Application Instructions 

A completed application consists of the transcript, resume, recommendations, essay/statement of goals and scholarship form. Incomplete applications will not be considered by the selection committee. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.

Fill out the form and upload the following documents: 

  • Transcript 
  • Resume 
  • Two letters of recommendation  
  • Personal essay/statement of goals (450-word limit) 

Recommendations Guidelines 

Letters should be typed, dated, and include in what capacity the recommender knows you and the length of time. Recommenders must not be a relative. 

One letter should come from a faculty member/instructor who can assess your scholastic record, co-curricular/extracurricular activity, and academic engagement. 

The second letter can come from another supporter (faculty, staff, adviser, coach, mentor, employer, etc.). 

Personal Essay/Statement of Goals (Choose one) 

  • Share an important lesson learned from your life experience 
  • Describe your long-term professional goals 

Deadline: January 13, 2023 at 5 p.m. ET